Janneke Mulder

Janneke is a specialised family law attorney, divorce mediator, collaborative divorce lawyer en accredited Parenting Coordinator. She quickly sees the problem underlying the conflict: Is it really the amount of child support we’re discussing here? Or is there still anger about the divorce getting in the way? If so, then we first need to address the anger. After all: “Without change, nothing will change.” A quality that is sorely needed when going through a divorce, according to Janneke, is a readiness to change. Janneke gets right to the core of the problem. She creates instant clarity in the chaos of a divorce. For example, by calculating the new financial position after the divorce. Janneke is the proud founder of Uiteen. Since its establishment in 2015, Uiteen grew four-fold in four years time, taking on four times the case load. Her hero is Esther Perel: a world-famous couples therapist who restores the connection between people.


2005: sworn in as attorney

2010: specialised family mediator (vFAS)

2015: founder Uiteen

2016: specialized lawyer international child abducations

2018: trainer Mediation Education Centre

2018: member Mediation Advisory Committee of the Netherlands Bar (Nederlandse Orde van Advocaten)

2019: consultation divorce attorney (VvCP).

2019: accredited Parenting Coordinator

2021: trainer Dutch Bar Association (NOVA)

2021: member PR- Society Collaborative Practice (VvCP)

2021: Member Stichting Parenting Coordination Nederland i.o.


Dutch, English and German


  • Janneke was appointed as Legal Woman of the Year 2017.
  • In an interview in the Advocatenblad (attorney magazine) in 2017, Janneke explains that she aims to provide her clients with a sustainable solution through her focus on consultation and with the contemporary approach of the attorneys and mediators of Uiteen who understand the needs of their client.
  • She did a write-up for the legal journal Jurisprudentie in Nederland (JIN) on the ruling by the Court of Appeal of The Hague concerning child and spousal maintenance (May 2017, issue no. 4).
  • As a guest speaker at Lawyers Tour of the Beroepsopleiding Advocaten (vocational training for attorneys) in 2018, Janneke shared her views that more should be done in the area of conflict reduction, on why reaching mutual resolution of conflict is preferable to litigation, and regarding the ethical dilemmas a lawyer faces.

Janneke is registered with the legal domains register of The Netherlands Bar for the areas of persons and family law. In line with the norms of The Netherlands Bar, this registration requires her to complete ten training points per calendar year in each of registered legal domain.

Collaborating Partners

Divorce Tax Attorney

Caroline Catshoek is a divorce tax attorney, tax saver and pension tax attorney. She focuses on the fiscal aspects of the divorce. She can be present with you for the discussions with the mediator or lawyers, or be consulted after these meetings, to ensure that the agreements are correct also from the fiscal perspective. Caroline can provide both tax guidance or representation for the party that is financially less secure.


Mortgage Advisor

Martijn Broekhuis is a mortgage advisor who can help home owners come up with solutions for their home. Usually you and your partner both own your home and the mortgage is registered in both names. During the divorce, the home will either be allocated to one of the parties or perhaps sold. With his expertise as mortgage advisor, Martijn Broekhuis can help you find suitable solutions.


Psychologist (NIP) and Divorce Consultation Professional

Drs. Irene van Noort is a psychologist (registered with the Netherlands Institute for Psychologists, NIP) and divorce consultation professional (collaborative practitioner). By now she has over 20 years of experience running her own private practice in which she provides coaching, training and advice to be more effective personally. Uiteen calls on the expertise of Irene van Noort when we feel that our client would benefit from additional support in dealing with the divorce. This could be during the divorce process, but also afterwards, for example when the clients need a little extra guidance in their parenting. In addition, Irene can be asked to have a conversation with the child(ren) to hear their voice and to take their interests into account in the divorce consultation or divorce proceedings. Finally, Irene can be engaged as psychologist/coach during a collaborative divorce. Fundamentals of Irene's approach are models grounded in personality theory and behavioural science. She has a talent for identifying ingrained patterns and personal tendencies, which makes it possible to consciously choose for new effective forms of communication with each other in the "post-marriage phase".


Helma Leonhard-Strien

Helma Leonhard-Strien has been working as a civil-law notary for over 30 years and specialises in family law. She can assist you when you have any questions about the interpretation of a prenuptial agreement or a will. Helma can also draw up or change your prenuptial agreement together with our lawyers. Furthermore, after a divorce, she can amend your will and can draw up the deed for the distribution of your assets (concerning your home, for example).


Pension Advisor

Roelof de Pater (1981) is a pension advisor and financial planner. He provides financial advice during a divorce regarding your retirement. This could include, for example, advice about the allocation of accrued benefits. Although it may seem insignificant to discuss at the moment, a good retirement is an essential component of a (carefree) financial future! Roelof takes stock of the accrued benefits for both parties and advises how best to distribute these according to the personal situation and wishes of the client. Furthermore, Roelof helps recently divorced people to gain insight into the new financial reality. Will I have sufficient income after my divorce? Do I need to save extra for my retirement? These are just a few questions you can discuss with Roelof. You can count on a clear, pragmatic and affordable advice.


Financial Planner

Annemarie is specialised in guiding the partners of entrepreneurs, for example during mediation. This kind of spouse benefits from advice on a regular basis. The entrepreneur can often rely on the financial advisor, accountant and/or tax specialist of the company. Annemarie provides guidance and support for their partner, for example, in analysing documents received and explaining calculations. In this way, both partners can participate in the consultation on equal footing. This makes it possible to reach good agreements during mediation and achieve a successful conclusion for both parties.


Mortgage Advisor and Financial Expert

After nearly 20 years of working with large financial service providers, I founded Teutenberg Financial Planning in 2007. Thanks to the knowledge and experience I gained, I can help you to find the right financial solutions for your personal situation. Additionally, I can inform you of your rights in relation to investors and insurance agents. I welcome the challenge, in these times of standardisation, to offer you tailor-made financial advice and to get more out of the financial service sector on your behalf.

As an independent advisor and former credit officer, I can help you not only to find the most suitable financial solution, but also make the necessary arrangements with the lender and insurance company. This way, you can focus on your divorce knowing that the solution you desire is feasible.

The following financial questions often arise during a divorce:

  • I want to have the house and the mortgage in my name after the divorce. Is that possible?
  • If I take over the home and the mortgage, will I still be able to pay alimony?
  • What agreements do we need to make regarding alimony and child support?
  • How can we best distribute the retirement benefits?
  • What are the fiscal consequences of our divorce?
  • How should we deal with our current insurance policies?
  • Now that we've agreed on the financial arrangements, what can I still spend each month?


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