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I'm not sure if I should get a divorce. How do I figure out what to do?

If you give us a call to obtain information about a divorce, one of our attorneys would be happy to speak with you. The attorney can tell you what a divorce entails and where to begin. Also, the lawyer will explain to you the financial consequences of divorce. Are you finding it difficult emotionally to make a decision? Then Uiteen can help you and, if necessary, refer you to a professional who will help you make a choice.

How long do divorce proceedings last?

That depends on several factors. Are you opting for mediation or for court proceedings with a lawyer? Have you already agreed on a number of issues with your spouse? Are there factors that make your situation complicated, such as an international dimension?

Mediation or a collaborative divorce is typically much quicker than a court procedure because of the long waiting times to get a date in court.

During the initial meeting, the lawyer or mediator will discuss with you the matters that need to be arranged. Even then it can be difficult to predict how long a divorce case will last, however, a careful estimate can be made in advance.

Are you in a hurry to settle the divorce? Then Uiteen will do everything in its power to make the proper arrangements as quickly as possible.

How much will a divorce cost me?

Uiteen is not the cheapest option, but does offer custom solutions. Experience has shown that a "standard solution" for a divorce can lead to many problems in the future, since not all issues are sufficiently considered and discussed. By investing now in a proper divorce, you will avoid conflict and expensive legal proceedings in the future.

We work as efficiently as possible to keep costs low. For every step to be taken, we will discuss and analyse the costs and benefits with you in advance. Where possible, we will let you carry out the work yourself if you prefer. Each month, you will receive an invoice with a breakdown of each task completed.

Is mediation suitable for our situation?

For mediation, it is not necessary for you to be on speaking terms. This is typically not the case when you are considering a divorce. Uiteen believes that -especially when the communication has deteriorated- that mediation is an effective way to settle your divorce. In fact, the mediator focuses with you on improving the communication. Only then can you come to an agreement together. An agreement is never going to be reached if you continue to argue with each other. Moreover, when children are involved, restoring communication is vital. After all, you will have to carry on together as co-parents. Research shows that children are not so much affected by divorce, as they are by arguing parents.

In sum, mediation is suitable for everyone. A contraindication could be that one of the parents suffers from a mental disorder. Are you still unsure whether or not mediation is right for you? You're welcome to contact Uiteen to schedule an introductory meeting.

Is co-parenting always the best option for children in a divorce?

When discussing childcare and visitation, we often talk about co-parenting. After all, you take care of the children and raise them together. We speak of co-parenting when the parents share the responsibility of caring for the children (almost) equally. For example, when the children spend three days a week with one parent and four days with the other. To find the right care and visitation arrangement for your children, discuss this with your lawyer-mediator.

I don't understand finances and my husband does. I'm convinced my husband is going to tinker with the company's numbers to get out of his maintenance obligation. Is it better for me to have a lawyer than a mediator?

No. The mediator is obliged to check each time whether there is "informed consent". This means that the mediator must inform both parties optimally and that these parties have therefore made their decisions based on all relevant information. Any imbalance in knowledge will be addressed and corrected by the mediator during the discussion. The mediator might explain certain matters directly or advise you to engage an advisor alongside mediation.

The mediator will also critically examine the documents submitted. He or she is trained to analyse annual reports and will not simply gloss over any documents.

Are you still unsure whether or not mediation is suitable for you? You're welcome to discuss this with us whether a collaborative divorce is suitable in your situation.

My sister is getting €500 a month in child support from her ex-husband. Can I expect the same?

Calculating child support is custom work. With the net family income, ages of the children, and whether there are brothers or sisters, a calculation can be made for the costs for children using the so-called Trema Report. This report gives an overview of the costs of children as listed in the Nibud research paper. Children of wealthy parents are on average more costly than children from families of a financially weaker standing. There are always exceptions to the rule, for example, when a child has high medical costs or when other specific costs are incurred. Once it is known how much the children will cost, it will be determined what amount is to be paid by which parent. This will depend on the income of the parents.

What can I prepare?

Request the ‘Uiteen Divorce Package’ for further information and tips about what you can prepare ahead of time.

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