In a classic conflict in court, many cases remain unresolved. As a result,  both parties end up spending a lot of money, feeling unsatisfied and dealing with recurring conflict situations. 

The damage for those directly and indirectly involved often lasts a lifetime.

In the interest of you, your child(ren), your family, your wealth or your business, we believe that conflicts should be handled differently.

These are the lawyers and mediators of our law firm.

Ellis Maurits

Ellis is our Donna (Suits). She supports the attorneys and keeps the office functioning optimally. Ellis doesn’t miss a beat. She is level-headed, straightforward and a real Rotterdam gal. She draws her inspiration from the famous quote by Nelson Mandela: “It always seems impossible, until it’s done.”

Majse Hofman

Majse is a specialised family law attorney. With her strong empathy skills, she puts clients at ease in a hectic time. Majse’s clients have her full support and she protects their interests in court. She makes complicated legal matters understandable and guides people throughout the divorce process.

Martine Stut

Martine is a specialised inheritance law attorney, family law attorney, collaborative practice lawyer and inheritance law and divorce mediator. She is the inheritance law specialist within Uiteen. Martine stands out with her positivity: to her, adversity is a welcome challenge. Martine is also very creative. When problems arise, she finds solutions that others wouldn’t typically come up with.

Fleur Oirbans

Fleur is a specialised family law attorney, collaborative divorce lawyer and divorce mediator. She helps her clients during escalating conflicts. To find out what is really going on, Fleur listens closely. She acts quickly to restore the peace. And gives her clients the right tools to get through their divorce as smoothly as possible.

Janneke Mulder

Janneke is a family law attorney and mediator. She quickly zooms in on the problem underlying the conflict: Is it really the amount of child support we’re discussing here? Or is there still anger about the divorce getting in the way? If so, then we first need to address the anger. After all: “Without change, nothing will change.” Janneke gets right to the core of the problem. She creates instant clarity in the chaos a divorce.

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