Specializing in the various legal aspects of family, Uiteen Firm for Family Law in Rotterdam advises you in finding a solution that is comprehensive and tailored to your situation. A solution with consideration for the emotion dimension and your hopes for the future. While the law can be very helpful – even necessary at times - it may not provide an answer to every question. Similarly, a judge does not consider all aspects of the conflict in a court ruling. The advantage of working with an attorney-mediator lies in the combination of applying both mediation techniques and family law. Only then is it possible to arrive at an effective, long-term solution that will work for all parties involved. In the best interest of your child(ren), your estate and your career or business.





You are considering - or have already decided - to end your marriage. You want to know the consequences of getting a divorce or you want to know that everything is properly taken care of. Who is going to live where? How to best arrange the care for the children? How will our property and assets be divided? These are issues that can be addressed in two ways: with dialogue or in court.


With the guidance of a neutral attorney-mediator, you can come together with your ex-partner to find solutions for all of the areas of disagreement concerning your divorce. This is far more comprehensive than the areas a judge will cover in a court ruling.

in court

When it’s impossible to reach an agreement, a judge can be asked to make a decision on the remaining areas of conflict.

In this case, each party will require an attorney to represent them during the proceedings.




Family law is our specialty. Whether as an attorney or attorney-mediator, we work with you towards a sustainable solution, with specialized legal expertise where it is needed.



You decide where and when we meet. To accommodate your schedule, we are willing to meet with you after office hours or at a location near your home or work.



After an introductory meeting, we will determine the complexity of the situation and an appropriate service package. This gives you insight into the costs up front.


Uiteen can also assist you as an attorney or
attorney-mediator in the following situations:

International child abduction
When a parent brings the child(ren) to another country without the permission of the other parent, it is a matter of international child abduction.
International relocation
When you or your ex-partner are considering to move with your child(ren) to another country, Uiteen can help you prepare. You can arrive at a solution either by mediation or with the help of a judge.
Contact/Care arrangements
Are the care arrangements you made for your child(ren) not working as you had hoped? Do you or your ex-partner wish to make a change to the arrangements you made previously? Uiteen can support you with both mediation or court proceedings.
Child and spousal maintenance
Perhaps your ex-partner is not making the payments specified to cover the costs for your child(ren). It could be that circumstances have changed such that the alimony requirements can no longer be met. Uiteen can help you to clarifying matters with mediation or in court.
When you and your ex-partner can’t seem to find common ground on important issues regarding the custody or legal guardianship of your child(ren), Uiteen can assist you. Uiteen can help even when you don’t have custody now, but would like to change that.
Paternity refers to legal determination of the father of your child. This can be arranged either among yourselves or directed by the court. Uiteen can represent you in conflicts in this area. For example, to determine paternity before the court.
Prenuptial agreements
You’re getting married. What should you include in the prenuptial agreements? Uiteen can draw up prenuptial agreements that suit your needs and wishes. We can offer you that extra bit of advice needed to achieve fully personalized prenuptial agreements.
When settling an estate, you may run into matters of inheritance law. You can turn to Uiteen if you are faced with the possibility of being disinherited and want to know your rights. Uiteen can help you find a solution with mediation or by going to court.
Second opinion
Uiteen would be pleased to give you a second opinion about any area of family law. Perhaps you would like advice about whether or not to appeal a court ruling in a matter of family law.
Other areas of family law for which Uiteen can provide assistance include, for example, adoption and change of name. Are you faced with a problem of family law not mentioned here? Please contact us to find out how we can provide support.



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