Divorce and…

You are considering or have decided to split up.


You want to know the consequences of the divorce or make sure that arrangements are made properly: Who will live where?  How to organise the care for the children?  How to distribute the estate? And what other aspects need to be considered?

Below you will find a comprehensive overview of the arrangements that need to be made during a divorce.

Divorce and...

family law


How tight will my budget be? What will happen to our company? How much will I get? How much will I have to pay? What is fair? Will I be able to make ends meet after the divorce?

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family law


How much time will the children spend with me after the divorce? And with my ex-partner? How can I make sure my children get through this with as little damage as possible?

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family law


I live abroad; can I get divorced in The Netherlands? Can I take my children with me when I return to The Netherlands? Can I take my children with me to live abroad?

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family law


Will my company be compromised? Can I keep my business out of the divorce? What are my obligations? What am I entitled to?

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family law


Do I have to pay spousal support? How do we share the costs for the children? How can I change the alimony payments? How much am I entitled to?

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What can I prepare?

Request the ‘Uiteen Divorce Package’. For further information and tips about what you can prepare ahead of time.

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