Did a family member of yours pass away and are you not sure whether to accept or refuse the inheritance? Were you removed from the will shortly before the passing of a parent? Is your brother or sister preventing you from seeing the paperwork? In such situations, a lawyer from Uiteen can assist you.


  • With a mediator

    Would you like to arrange the estate with all parties involved under the supervision of a single lawyer-mediator? That is possible at Uiteen. This way you can make agreements between you.

  • Collaborative practice

    Consultation, or so-called “collaborative practice” is a new way of resolving disputes in inheritance cases.

  • With an attorney

    What can you expect from an inheritance case in which you are assisted by an attorney?

  • Inheritance and…

    What is the role of an executor? What are my rights? If the executor isn’t doing a good job, what can I do about it?

  • FAQ

    Do you have questions? You might find the answers you’re looking for here.

  • Other services

    Uiteen can also provide assistance in the following matters of inheritance.

What can i prepare?

Request the ‘Uiteen Inheritance Package’ with in-depth information and tips on what you can prepare ahead of time.

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