The second wave and child custody

The second wave of the Coronavirus seems to have arrived. During the first wave, we noticed a lot of uncertainty around child custody and care arrangements. Can we continue in the same way or not? We have learned the following lessons from the past months:
  1. Realise that the children actually have two homes and families that they belong to. This means that the children are also part of the other family. It should be made possible, in as far as is possible, for the children to continue with their contact with the other parent.
  2. Talk to each other. We have found that when one parent decides to cancel care arrangements without discussing it first, it is frustrating for the other parent. Try to talk to each other in person or by phone to make decisions like these together.
  3. If you are dealing with an ex-partner who decides to put the care arrangement on hold for 14 days, try to keep the peace in the interest of the children. However difficult this is to do, keep trying! Hopefully in another six months this will all be over.
  4. Video contact. If the care arrangement cannot proceed, make an effort for your children to connect with their other parent through FaceTime or Skype.
  5. If you cannot reach an agreement, you can call on the help of a mediator or the Wijkteam, a support team in your neighbourhood.

RIVM guidelines

The guidelines of the RIVM would suggest that if a child or the parent whom the child is going to visit has a cold, the care arrangement should be suspended until the cold symptoms have passed. Once the child or the parent do not experience any cold symptoms, then the care arrangement can be resumed. In this case, getting tested for corona would be advisable.

In the interest of the children

We warn parents to not use the Coronavirus as an excuse to deny the other parent contact with the children. Using the corona crisis for personal gain in this way means losing sight of the interests of the children.

In any case, we hope that these uncertain times may also bring parents a little closer together. Either way, parents will be obliged to consult with each other. Parents should take their responsibility to find a solution for their problem, however unreasonable the other parent may be. Children need both of their parents. For tips you can always call us or send an email.