Have you or has someone else been appointed as executor? There is typically mistrust between the parties involved and often disagreement about what an executor does. Are you dealing with an argument regarding the information an executor should provide? Uiteen can give clarity and support. In some cases, the Subdistrict Court may be asked to dismiss the executor. Uiteen can advise you in this area and assist with a procedure. Uiteen extends its services to both heirs and executors.




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Cash money has disappeared; what can I do? I’m being denied access to bank statements; how should I approach this? Can I get an advance on my inheritance?

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How do we distribute the items in the will? Some items have disappeared; what now? My brother/sister is not cooperating with the distribution; what can I do?

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How can I make arrangements with the (step)children? What are my rights? What are their rights? What is fair?

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Have you been disinherited? That doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t get anything. We can advise you about the legal rights of children and partners. Are you a child of…

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insurance policies

Uiteen can work with you to get an overview of all insurance policies such as concerning burial insurance, life insurance, annuities, etc. This will give you a better idea of…

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What does an executor do? What are my rights? The executor is not doing his/her job properly; what can I do?

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