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Uiteen – Firm for Family Law in Rotterdam can provide assistance
in the following areas of family law.

International child abduction and international relocation
If a child is taken across the border by one parent, without the written consent of the other parent, intentionally or unintentionally, it is a matter of international child abduction. International relocation occurs when one parent moves with the child to another country without the written consent of the other parent guardian.

The relationship between the children and the parent they do not live with can be difficult at times. Uiteen strives for sound agreements that support the contact between the children and both parents. Mediation may be able to offer a solution here. Should it come to court proceedings then an Uiteen attorney can provide you with representation.

Child and spousal maintenance
After separation, one of the parents may be left with too little income to cover the costs of living. In such cases, spousal maintenance or alimony may be necessary. Child maintenance is intended to contribute to the expenses of education and care for the child(ren). Many factors of your situation are taken into consideration when determining maintenance payments. Uiteen can help you with this.

Child custody/guardianship
Important decisions regarding your child(ren), such as choice of school and medical care, fall into the category of child custody. Although such decisions do not take place frequently during the life of a child, they are important nonetheless. Sometimes it can be in the interest of the child to have a single legal parent guardian. For example, if the other parent lives abroad or is – for whatever reason – not capable of making such important decisions concerning the child(ren).

If you would like to be acknowledged as the father of your child(ren), but the mother of your child(ren) does not consent, a judge is able to provide a substitute consent for your acknowledgement. Another example case of paternity acknowledgement is when a mother requests legal recognition of the father of her child(ren) in order to receive his financial contribution towards the expenses of the child(ren). An attorney at Uiteen can offer support in these matters.

Prenuptial agreements
Before getting married, it is wise to consider the financial and legal consequences that it will have for you and partner. Premarital mediation is focused on doing just that: being aware of these consequences and planning ahead for living together, having children, and preventing the need for a divorce. See here the checklist under prenuptial agreements to know which documents are needed for premarital mediation.

If there has been a recent death in the family, you may be in doubt about whether or not you want to accept the inheritance. Perhaps you were taken out of your parents’ will shortly before they passed. Or maybe your brother or sister is refusing to let you see the administration concerning the estate. In such circumstances, an attorney from Uiteen can offer you support. Also in matters of inheritance, mediation is a viable option. With mediation, the focus is to achieve a fitting solution for the settlement of the estate together with all heirs.

Second opinion
Do you want to know if the alimony you pay or receive still meets the current standards? Maybe you are thinking about appealing a ruling that you received in a matter of family law. Uiteen would be happy to review your case to offer a second opinion.

Are you having trouble with a name change? Or an adoption? Are you dealing with another problem of family law not mentioned here? Please contact the attorney-mediator at Uiteen to find out if we are able to assist you. In areas outside of our field of expertise, we can bring you in touch with an attorney or attorney-mediator in the Uiteen network that may be able to help you further.




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