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When you choose for Uiteen, you choose for transparency. Uiteen strives to be up front about financial matters. We work as efficiently as possible and make price arrangements with you before getting started so that you know what to expect. This could take the form of a fixed fee or an hourly rate. All prices listed below are including VAT.

Uiteen works together with a network of experts that can be consulted against competitive rates for advice in financial, tax and psychological matters. Find out more here:  The Team


  • Standard Package: € 3.500,-. Please inquire for the terms and conditions.
  • Custom Package: Especially suitable for entrepreneurs or international divorce. Please request a quotation.
  • Weekend Mediation: Divorce in 24/48 hours. Please request a quotation.


  • Recalculating spousal and child maintenance: € 250,-
  • Recalculating spousal and child maintenance with a company: € 450,-
  • Recalculating spousal and child maintenance with international dimension: € 450,-
  • Recalculating spousal and child maintenance with a company and international dimension: € 500,-


  • Fixed fee: € 300,-


  • Fixed fee: € 2.500,- for each court proceeding.


  • Standard fee: € 1.250,-
  • Checking if prenuptial agreements are still up-to-date: € 500,-


  • Hourly fee: € 225,- ex. VAT (€ 272,25 incl. VAT)


Legal aid or legal assistance insurance

Subsidized legal aid

ou may be eligible for legal aid on the basis of a monetary allowance when you have a low income. In such cases, the government will reimburse the costs for legal assistance. More information (currently only in Dutch): www.rechtsbijstand.nl. Contact us to find out more about legal aid.

Legal assistance insurance

Uiteen may be able to provide support on the basis of your legal assistance insurance (Dutch: ‘rechtsbijstandverzekering’). Please contact your insurance agent or your insurance provider to find out if mediation is covered by your insurance plan.




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