Divorce without a judge

Getting a divorce can also be done without a judge. You can do this by means of a collaborative divorce (or: consultative divorce).

In this kind of divorce, each spouse is assisted by his or her own lawyer and through consultation we seek solutions for all problems associated with a divorce. The consultation is usually supervised by a coach who focuses on the aspect of communication.

The specialised consultation divorce lawyers represent the interests of their client, supervise negotiations between parties and further ensure that the divorce is fair and constructive on both sides. All parties involved agree to make every effort to reach a successful outcome for the divorce.

The partners may also choose to engage a specialist such as a financial expert, a fiscalist or an accountant if, for example, a company valuation is required.

A consultation divorce may seem expensive because several experts have to be paid. In a divorce whereby one partner is an entrepreneur, a financial expert is typically called upon to, for example, value the shares. In this case, it is less costly to choose together for a single financial expert. With separate financial advisors in a regular divorce, both parties are likely to want to have any financial advice provided verified by his or her own advisor to ensure there is no bias. So choosing a single financial expert avoids double work and double costs.

Furthermore, since all parties agree beforehand to make every effort to reach a mutual agreement, lengthy and expensive legal proceedings can be avoided.

For these reasons, this form of conflict resolution is ideally suited for entrepreneurs and/or divorces involving a business and/or capital. Also, consultation is useful when you expect the divorce to be a lengthy due to a lot of conflict between parties. The coach can guide the communication in the right direction. This ultimately results in lower costs by avoiding long, expensive divorce proceedings.

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