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At Uiteen – Firm for Family and Inheritence Law in Rotterdam, we believe that all aspects of your divorce should be taken care of properly. Not only will Uiteen manage the dissolution of the marriage, but we will also advise you in the various areas that are relevant for you now during your divorce, as well as in the future. The various professionals in the Uiteen team have come together under one roof, giving you access to all the information and expertise that could be relevant to your situation. In practice, this means being able to tackle the different aspects of your divorce at one address.

Uiteen is creative and ready to think along with you for solutions that are just right for your circumstances. With a hands-on approach, Uiteen makes sure that your divorce doesn’t drag on any longer than it has to. We find flexibility important, so Uiteen offers to plan meetings at a time that suits your schedule, including the weekend or evening hours if necessary. We are also willing meet at a location that is most convenient for you: at your home, your work or via Skype, for example.

Read below to find out more about the Uiteen Team.

Janneke Mulder
Attorney and divorce mediator


Janneke Mulder is the founder of this law firm. Certified as both attorney and attorney-mediator, she has years of experience in all aspects of family law. Janneke has worked for law firms in Rotterdam and The Hague in matters of divorce, separation, alimony and (international) visitation, international child abduction, custody, etc.

In her legal career, Janneke has found time and time again that the standard legal solution was not enough to really help those clients going through a divorce. There are many important aspects at play that are left untouched. These aspects could mean the difference between painful separation and parting ways with sound agreements. It is for this reason that Janneke now offers not only legal advice, but also support in the other areas needed when going through divorce. In order to achieve this, Janneke has brought together a team of specialists. She works together with a mortgage broker, tax advisor, (child) psychologist and a notary. With this strong team in place, Uiteen can take care of all the problems that go along with divorce and its aftermath.

With Uiteen – Firm for Family and Inheritence Law, Janneke distances herself from the conservative approach that is typical of the legal system. Uiteen supports you with a personal and tailor-made solution, in a manner that suits you and your schedule.

Janneke is registered with the vFAS (Association for Family Law Attorneys and Divorce Mediators. Dutch: ‘Vereniging voor Familierechtadvocaten en Scheidingsmediators’) and the MfN (Mediation federation of the Netherlands. Dutch: Mediation federatie Nederland). Both associations uphold strict quality requirements for their members. Janneke can rightfully call herself an expert in her field. Her skill and enthusiasm for her profession was even awarded in 2013 with a nomination for Legal Woman of the Year.


Majse Hofman


On April 1, 2016 Majse Hofman joined Uiteen – Firm for Family and Inheritence Law.

Majse first became interested in family law during her studies and liked it so much that she decided to specialize in this field. She chose for a master of Juvenile Law at Leiden University, with a strong focus on (international) family law.

Next to her studies, Majse worked as a volunteer at a legal aid organization for youth and children and in 2013 she organized the congress “De Stem van het Kind” (The Child’s Voice) at the Erasmus University, in collaboration with the Court of Rotterdam, the Child Care and Protection Board, Youth Care Agency and various juvenile law attorneys. This congress highlighted the role of minors during various legal procedures, including divorce.

After completing her master degree, Majse worked in a family law position for a governmental organization. From there, she took the step to join Uiteen.

Majse is happy to apply her experience to help you with family law litigation and – especially given her strong involvement with social causes – is committed to finding a suitable solution for your situation.


Caroline Catshoek
Tax Lawyer
Caroline Catshoek is a Divorce Tax Lawyer, Tax Advisor and Pension Tax Lawyer. Her focus is on the fiscal dimension of divorce. Caroline can be present in the meeting with your mediator and/or attorney or in a separate consult afterwards to ensure that the arrangements made are sound in fiscal terms. Caroline can offer fiscal support either to both spouses or by representing the interests of the spouse of weaker financial standing.


Martijn Broekhuis
Mortgage broker
Martijn Broekhuis is ready to help you effectively manage your mortgage in the divorce. In most cases, both spouses are the rightful owners of the home and both responsible for the mortgage. During the divorce, the home will need to be transferred to either one of you or, perhaps, be put up for sale. From his expertise as a mortgage broker, Martijn Broekhuis can help you arrive at the best solution for dealing with your home.


Dirk Verheul
Dirk Verheul works as an accountant with AXP - Accountants & Tax Advisors (located in Rotterdam and Amsterdam) and specializes in small and medium-sized business. Dirk Verheul can advise you in the specific matters related to getting a divorce when you own a company. This might include examination of the company annual reports to determine alimony payments or a valuation of your company.





How long will it take to get a divorce?

This depends on a few factors. Are you choosing for mediation or for court proceedings with an attorney? Are you in agreement with your spouse in all the areas of the divorce? Are there aspects of your divorce that make it more complex, such as an international dimension?

In general, mediation is much faster than when going to court, simply because you do not have to deal with the standard duration of legal proceedings for divorce and the long waiting lists for a court date.

At Uiteen you are welcome to schedule an intake (free of charge), in which the attorney or mediator will get an overview of the areas where support is needed. With a brief introduction it can be difficult to determine the exact amount of assistance needed, but you will be given an initial estimate. 

In a hurry to finalize the divorce? Uiteen is fully committed to properly handling everything necessary and still make divorce possible in a limited time frame. Contact Uiteen with the form below to request a quote for divorce within 24/48 hours.

Is mediation right for us?

People often think that you have to be able to talk to each other before mediation can work. For divorce mediation, this is certainly not the case! Uiteen feels that the divorce cases where communication has fallen apart are where mediation has the most value to offer. The mediator is going to focus on improving your communication so that you can come to sound agreements together. As you can imagine, you will never be able to come to agreements if you continue to fight with each other. Besides protecting your own interests, improving your communication is necessary when you have child(ren) affected by the divorce. While your marriage will come to an end, you both will continue to be the parents of your child(ren). Where children suffer most is not from the divorce itself, but from the fights between their parents.

In short, mediation is right for everyone. To approach this question from another angle: when might mediation not be right for you? Mediation might not be suitable when one or both parents are dealing with psychological problems. Are you still in doubt whether or not to make use of mediation? Please contact Uiteen and ask to plan an intake meeting (free of charge).

How much is a divorce going to cost me?

See also the answer to the previous question. The more complex your situation and the more you and your spouse disagree on areas of your divorce, the longer it will take to settle the divorce and the more expensive it is likely to be. As a general rule, mediation is cheaper than going to court where you will both need your own legal representation; in mediation you are paying for only one attorney.

I have found other attorneys, lawyers and mediators who are much cheaper. Why should I choose for Uiteen?

Nowadays there are many players in the market offering their services for divorce. You can choose for assistance from a specialized divorce attorney that is registered with the vFAS (Association for Family Attorneys and Divorce Mediators, Dutch: ‘Vereniging voor Familierechtadvocaten en Scheidingsmediators’) or an attorney that is not specialized. There are law firms with a financial or other non-legal background that make it possible to offer assistance in your divorce at a cheaper fee.

Uiteen stands apart from the rest in terms of specialized knowledge in the field of family law. The attorney-mediator is able to make use of her experience with proceedings in family law cases to the benefit of mediation and vice versa. Her mediation techniques have proven to be highly effective skills in divorce proceedings.

Uiteen is not the cheapest option in the market, but it does offer you personal solutions tailored to your situation. You won’t get very far with a standard, fill-in-the-blank type parenting plan simply because you are not standard either. Your problems and hopes for the future are unique to you. Experience has shown that standard parenting plans and divorce covenants are cause for many problems in the future, since they are insufficient to get you thinking about and in agreement on many topics related to your divorce. Making an investment to properly deal with these matters now will save you from expensive procedures with your ex-partner in the future and the headaches and heartaches this will mean for you both and your children.

I don’t understand the first thing about finances, but my husband does. I just know he’s going to adjust the numbers of his company’s accounts to get out of paying any alimony. Wouldn’t a lawyer be better than a mediator in this case?

The simple answer is no. A mediator is required to investigate in each case whether there is so-called “informed-consent”. What this means is that the mediator fully informs both parties and that both parties have made their decision based on all of the relevant information. Any imbalance of knowledge between partners will be addressed and adjusted in the meetings with the mediator. In some cases the mediator can give an explanation and in other cases, you will be referred to an advisor with the right knowledge and expertise.

Also, all documents submitted will be scrutinized. The mediator is trained to critically analyze annual reports and will not be taking the figures at face value.

I’m thinking about getting a divorce, but I’m not sure. How can I figure out what to do?

For advice on how to proceed, you can request a 30-minute intake meeting (free of charge) with our attorney-mediator. In case your concerns are financial, the attorney-mediator can inform you of the financial consequences of going through with divorce. Are you struggling emotionally with the idea of divorce? Uiteen can refer you to a psychologist.

Is co-parenting always the best option for the children of divorced parents?

Co-parenting can be a confusing term. In principle, if there is any kind of care or visitation arrangement, it is always a form of co-parenting. You both continue to care for and raise your child(ren) together. The term co-parenting is often used to refer to parents that have a nearly equal (50/50) distribution of care responsibilities. For example, the child spends three days a week with one parent, and the other four days with the other parent. Care and visitation arrangements that are in the best interest of your child(ren) is something you can discuss with the attorney-mediator.

My sister gets 500 euro a month in child support from her ex-husband. Will I also get the same amount?

Depending on the family income, the age of the child and if it has brothers or sisters, the so-called Trema standards are used to determine the expenses for each child. Underlying these standards is the research into the expenses for children conducted by the Nibud (National Institute for Family Finance Information). Children of rich parents generally have higher expenses than children of parents with a weaker financial standing. Of course, these are only guiding principles. The outcome of the calculation can be adjusted when a child has high medical expenses or where there are other special costs concerned. Then, the evaluation considers which parent should contribute financially to which portion of the costs. This is determined by the net income of the parents.

It’s not fair that I have to share my retirement savings with my ex. Isn’t there a way to get out of this?

For divorces filed after 1 May 1995, any retirement funds accrued during marriage or registered partnership are to be distributed after the divorce. The other partner has an immediate claim on the retirement fund for the amount that he/she is entitled to. In principle with a court ruling, this is not something that you can “get out of”. However, there are certain possibilities when you enter mediation together. For example, perhaps your ex-partner is prepared to forgo his/her share. Another option is to buy out the entitlement to the retirement funds.


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